Загрузил iskender-90

Acar Kimya

ACAR Chemicals.
LLC Rossilber Industrial Company
Tuzla Deri Org.San.Bölgesi 15.Yol
Russian Federation
6-2B Parsel.
Bashkortostan state
Beloretsk city
Tel : 0090 216 577 10 10
Blukher str. 71
Fax: 0090 216 577 42 80.
Good day, dear colleagues
We are glad to have such an opportunity to work with you.
However we are really worried about the fact that our cooperation is
delayed in view of such simple issues as the supply of trial batches
of components. In this regard, we are coming to an agreement on
interaction for a very long time. We are afraid that our relationships
will be the same slow in future.
For our part, we have serious intentions for cooperation on the
purchase of paint components. And we have to say that in case that
you conduct your work in the same passive way, we will be forced
to look for another supplier of these components.
You are kindly requested to provide trial products in the amount
of two kilograms each as previously discussed. As the amount from
165 to 1080 grams would not be enough for us to evaluate the
Thank you for your understanding. Hoping for fruitful