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Periodontal Health Assessment
(select the description that best describes present condition)
1. Tissue Appearance
2. Bleeding
3. Calculus Deposits
Pink firm
No bleeding
Light to none
Slightly red
Slight bleeding
Slight Supragingival
Moderate Redness
Moderate Bleeding
Moderate supra and sub
Profuse bleeding
Heavy subgingival
4. Pocketing
5. Bone Levels
6. Mobility
Under 3 mm
No bone loss
No Mobility
3-4 mm pocketing
Early crestal bone loss
Class I Mobility
4-5 mm pocketing
Moderate bone loss
Class II Mobility
5-6 mm pocketing
Advanced bone loss
Class III Mobility
6 mm +
Total of all points
7. Patients Management Issues
0-3 pts = Healthy
Smoking Habit
4-5 pts = Gingivitis 4346/4355
6-9 pts = Stage I Initial Periodontitis
Difficult management
9-14 pts = Stage II Moderate Periodontitis
Heavy stain
14+pts = Stage III/IV Severe Periodontitis