Загрузил Юлия Ельникова


Video 1.The Importance of Reading a Newspaper
1. People get involved into what is going on in the world (poligamy, political
situations, wars).
2. The liaison between what’s going on in the world and who’s making the
decision and who lives in it and what's happening and how it's going and
who's living in it who's doing this and that.
3. Newspaper teach us how read news correctly.
4. To keep a conversation going.
5. Reading the newspaper helps people to start keep reading, build habit.
6. To be intellectually fit, to be up to the challenge interacting with the
community of readers and thinkers.
7. To start being relevant to readers .
8. People stay involved in the world and they stay involved with each other and
you start to become part of a network.
9. Newspaper helps people to build their vocabulary, to be educated and a
connection to a culture.
Video 2.Advantages of Using the Printed Newspaper
Printed newspaper
Online newspaper
You see the relationship of the articles
one to the other; the relationship of the
photo to the article, to the headlines
Allows to go and to do more in-depth
research on the topic
Gives people a nice purview of what is
happening in the world
People can flip through it much more
easily and pick out things that are
interest to them.
It makes it more possible to have small
groups choose an article right then and
there in the classroom and read it
together and discuss.
Newspaper can educate people when
they are having out and reading the
paper, you might find an article that you
never would have learned anything