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ETNOMIR - India Projects (updated)

Dialogue of Cultures – United World Fund
Dialogue of Cultures – United World Fund
is a foundation established in 2005 with the
aim to facilitate peaceful cooperation
between countries and peoples and
promote the values of friendship, solidarity,
equality, diversity and respect. The Fund is
headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and has
representative offices in Czech Republic,
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
The leading project of the Fund is
Cultural and Educational Center
the largest ethnographic park in Russia,
located in Kaluga Region,
90 km south Moscow
Over 13 years the Fund has
conducted more than 500 projects in
60 countries of the world
ETNOMIR gathers the cultures of all countries
and peoples of the world in one place to
promote diversity, cooperation and peace
Types of the Franchise Model
1. "ETNOMIR" Block (from 2 thousand sq. m. to 10 thousand sq. m.) can be within an existing theme and
adventure park within the precincts of the village or a separate parcel of land in the city
2. Cultural and educational tourist center "ETNOMIR" (mini park of up to 2 hectares) can be within an
existing theme and adventure park within the precincts of the village
3. Cultural and educational tourist center “ETNOMIR” (a separate ethnographic park with an area from 2 to
10 hectares)
4. Cultural and educational tourist center “ETNOMIR” (a separate ethnographic park with an area from 10
to 20 hectares)
Example of a 2 hectare mini park
Example of a 10 hectare park
The optimal parameters for the project implementation, applicable to the location
and land plot:
Total area from 2000 sq.m. to 20 hectares
Located within the city or in the nearest suburbs with the population of at least 2 million people
Transport accessibility (motorways, asphalt roads, metro, airports, etc.)
Availability of communications (sewage, electricity, etc) or the possibility of their connection to the
Forests and green areas (especially for parks of 2-20 hectares)
Soil and territory suitable for the construction of capital facilities and cultivation of gardens
Absence of legal prohibitions on the construction and placement of tourist infrastructure facilities
Presence of lakes and ponds or possibility of arranging an artificial reservoir (especially for parks of 10-20
Location near a settlement with a developed tourist infrastructure (tourist flow of at least 1 million
people/year for a 2000-10,000 sq.m. block centre; 2 million people/year for a 2 hectare park; 5
million people/year for a 10-20 hectare park)
Location in the region with high socio-economic indicators, favorable investment policy
Project initiators (the franchisor) will be ready to transfer the following franchise
objects to the franchisees:
 Trademarks
 Know-how
 Various types of intellectual property (programs, concepts, developments, computer software, etc.)
 Business project processes
 Operational management technology
 Technology pricing and product promotion
 Technologies to attract investors and partners
 Marketing and advertising strategy
 Staff training
Infrastructure of the “ETNOMIR” park.
Street of the World - blocks/streets with the facades of the houses of the peoples of the world. The functional purpose of
the objects: shops of branded goods and souvenirs of ETNOMIR and countries of the world; cafes and restaurants; workshop
area; quest rooms; lecture halls and exhibition halls; halls of virtual reality; cinema
Square of the World (Friendship of peoples) with a concert venue
Innovative education center, school or school with a campus. A school with a campus, lecture halls, conference rooms, a
library with cafes, quest rooms and augmented (virtual) reality rooms
Hotels and hotel complexes in the traditional architectural style of different cultures and peoples of the world. Restaurants
and cafes, shops and workshops, conference and banquet halls can be located On the territory of the hotels and hotel
Health center on the territory can include such services as: spa, gym for sports, yoga, etc., a store with sports and spa
Garden with galleries of teachers of humanity
Park with recreation areas (benches, gazebos, etc.), it is possible to place objects representing modern eco-technology
Small and medium architectural forms are objects of different cultures and peoples of the world. Places of free designation:
mini-store, rental of sports and entertainment equipment, a small cafe, etc.
Children's Center on the territory there are: a mini-zoo or a cat-cafe; play area with ethnic attractions
Parking area for 50 - 500 cars (about 2000 sq.m. - 2 hectares) - depending on the park area
Depending on the franchise model “ETNOMIR” can hold such events and activities as:
 Seminars, trainings and conferences
 Workshops
 Educational programs
 Summer camps
 Games, quests, quiz
 Exhibitions
 Corporate events
 Business events
 Family activities
 Festivals and holidays
 Environmental programs
 Spa programs and treatment programs
 Volunteer programs
Revenue streams of the “ETNOMIR” park:
 Entrance fees
 Room rentals for accommodation (hotel/hostel)
 Rent of space
 ETNOMIR events (sale of services)
 Sale of apartments and houses
 Restaurant
 Cinema
 Stores
 Partnership events
 Grants and subsidies
 Cafe
 Partnership events
 Spa programs and treatment programs
 Environmental programs
Implemented Projects related to India
Among other thematic festivals and
holidays, ETNOMIR annually celebrates the
Hindu festival of lights – Diwali. The event
is continuously supported by the Embassy
of India in Russia, as well as Jawaharlal
Nehru Cultural Center in Moscow.
Ambassador D. Bala Venkatesh Varma and Ruslan
Bayramov in ETNOMIR
11 November 2018
Fair to say that India is the most widely
represented country in ETNOMIR. The park
was repeatedly visited by Ambassadors of
India to Russia. In his turn, the head of
ETNOMIR project and president of the Fund
Ruslan Bayramov had several productive trips
to India bringing new projects and building
more bridges between the Indian and Russian
India in ETNOMIR
House of India
India Ethnic Hotel
An exhibition space and a façade in the
Across the World pavilion of ETNOMIR,
demonstrating the collective image of
Indian architecture and decoration
Part of the South Asia ethnic yard, the hotel
is remarkable with its carved furniture
made by Indian masters from Rajasthan and
Gujarat and hand-painted decorations. The
hotel offers 36 comfortable twin rooms.
Himalayan House
An apartment hotel located in the Street of the World. Built
in the traditional Himalayan architecture style and features
67 twin rooms and 9 quadruple suits.
Cultural Center of India
The Cultural Center of India was
solemnly opened on the 14th of
November 2015. The opening ceremony
was visited by the Indian Ambassador to
Russia Pundi Raghavan.
Over 3,000 authentic pieces of
art and furniture were brought
from India to represent 29 states
and 7 territories of the country
The statue of the famous Indian Hindu monk
Swami Vivekananda was installed next to the
Cultural Center of India on the same day.
Great Teachers of Humanity
Mahatma Gandhi
Rabindranath Tagore
Guru Nanak
Gallery "The Great Teachers of
Humanity" is a collection of
sculptures dedicated to great
cultural, science, and art figures,
outstanding philosophers, writers,
and public figures who contributed
to the development of humanistic
There are many
philosophical thought among the
personalities included in the
Rabindranath Tagore, Akbar, Guru
Nanak, Patanjali and many others.
Projects in India
Tribute to the Memory of Yuri Gagarin
The bronze busts devoted to the first man in space were installed in the cities of India
Thiruvananthapuram, India (2011)
г. Тривандрам, Индия
Mumbai, India (2011)
г. Мумбаи, Индия
Kolkata, India (2012)
г. Колката, Индия
Projects in India
Memory of Saint Teresa of Calcutta
Memory of Helena Blavatsky
Kolkata, India (2012)
Adyar, India (2015)
The statue of Mother Teresa was installed in
the city of Kolkata next to the Public Library
with the support of the city administration
and Consulate General of Russia in Kolkata
In honor of the 140th anniversary of the
Theosophical Society, the bust of Helena
Blavatsky was presented as a gift to the
headquarters of this organization in the city
of Adyar
Projects in India
Memory of Nickolas and Helena
On October 9, 2019, bronze busts of
the outstanding Russian artist and
philosopher Nickolas Roerich and his
wife Helena Roerich were donated
by the Dialogue of Cultures - United
World Fund and installed on the
territory of the Roerich housemuseum in the Himalayan Kulu
Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India) .
Projects in India
Monument to Devika Rani
Choudhuri Roerich (draft)
Monument to Svyatoslav
Roerich (draft)
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