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Тест по Страноведению. Коновалов С.С. ГИ-26118
1. In honour of who named the capital of the USA?
A) Mythological hero
B) Actor
C) President
D) Animal
2. Put missing word “The great interior lowland extends from the * Shield to the Gulf of
A) Caribean
B) Mexican
C) Irish
D) Canadian
3. What “Ill” means? __________
4. The highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains is
A) Milwaukee
B) Kanbero
C) M. Mitchel
D) M. Dew
5. Put missing words “Much of the province was glaciated which helped to create the GreAT
Lakes and the *-** topography.”
6. The Cordillera Mountains extend from Mexico to Canada and *?
A) Idaho
B) Alaska
C) Pitsburg
D) London
7. What is the Great Basin
A) Semi-desert area
B) One of the great lakes
C) Biggest aquarium in the world
D) Shelf near eastern shore of the USA
8. What is actually there in Alaska
A) Largest lake in the USA
B) Highest peak of the USA
C) Lowest lowground in the USA
D) Deepest lake in the USA
9. What formed the Hawaiian Islands?
A) Lava
B) Glacials
C) Sands
D) Aliens’ ships
10. Put missing word “The chief drainage system of the country is the * River System.”
A) Mississippi
B) MIssouri
C) Ukon
D) Colorado
11. the most important river of the southwest
A) Ukon
B) Thames
C) Rio-grande
D) Metropolis
12. Which of the great lakes lies entirely inside the USA? ______