Загрузил София Штерн

The house of my dream

I dream to live a
private house in the
center of a city. There
are ten rooms in it.
There is a living room,
a hall, three bedrooms,
a kitchen, a toilet, two
bathrooms and a big
balcony in it.
This is my living room. We can see a sectional sofa with some cushions,
a big divan and the mirrored ceiling with built-in light in it, There is a
fireplace at the wall. Three big windows are near the fireplace. There are
white curtains with night blinds on the windows. A picture is opposite the
windows. There is a coffee table in the middle of the room. There is a
nice carpet on the polished parquet. I think my living room is
This is my mother’s bedroom. It
is decided on a pastel colour
scheme. It is very cozy. We can
see a beautiful white double bed
and a rug under it in the
bedroom. There is a big window
with lovely net curtains and
white blinds. A pendant lamp
hangs from the ceiling. This is a
nice room.
This is a bedroom for guests. It is not big. There are two beds at the
wall. There are two chairs next to the beds. We also can see a chest of
drawers, a lampshade standing on it and some pictures in frames on
the walls in this room.
This is my bedroom. It has
a pink and white colour
scheme. There is a double
bed with two bedside
cabinets in the middle of
the room. The walls are
pink and with some
ornaments. There are
bright curtains on a big
window. My room is
arranged artistically.
This is a kitchen. There is a big table in the middle of the kitchen. There
is a new sink in it. A kitchen cupboard is blue. There is a beautiful
pendant lamp in the kitchen. My kitchen is modern.
There are two bathrooms in my
house. The first bathroom is
wonderful. There is a built-in TV
in the bath. And what do you
think about my bathroom?
There is my mother’s bathroom. It
is also wonderful, as well as
This is a toilet. There is a
sink in it. The toilet is
decided on a green
colour scheme. It is
bright, small and nice.
This is a balcony. It is very big. We can see a lot of loveseats and coffee
tables. There is a nice hardwood floor and a luxurious carpet. There is
an unusual ceiling on the balcony. It is very large.
This is a hall. We can
see two white sofas in
the hall. There are two
coffee tables in it.
There are two pines
and a beautiful pink
floor. The ceiling has
built-in light.