Загрузил Le Minh Nghia

Лексический тест 6

Task1 Choose the most suitable word to complete each sentence.
Having lost her mother at an early age, Mary felt she had become a mere
…………, having to do absolutely everything for her five brothers and
a. taskmaster
b. workmate
c. slave driver
d. work horse
Working mothers, throughout the company were delighted with the
introduction of ……………, as it mad it easier to manage collecting children
from school at different times on different days.
a. overtime
b. part-time
c. flexitime
d. full-time
They were on the ………. of folding the company when an investor saved
the day with a large, financial contribution.
a. edge
b. basis
c. verge
d. offchance
The government will pay the ………. fees for those who go on to train as
a. tuition
b. schooling
c. teaching
d. learning
Two of the students passed all their exams with flying……… .
a. ease
b. colours
c. speed
d. looks
She says she doesn’t have to attend classes because she’s awfully good at
………. .
a. jamming
b. cramming
c. cramping
d. ramming
Mark often gets away with handing in his compositions late because he’s
the teacher’s………… .
a. bird
b. dog
c. pet
d. cat
8. Although she was dedicated, she failed to make the ………. as a
professional dancer.
a. success
b. top
c. grade
d. mark
9. John excuse for not doing his project was that he missed the previous lesson,
but the teacher ………….. this as nonsense.
a. denied
b. ignored
c. dismissed
d. refused
10.The successful candidate will receive a company car, subsidized gym
membership and other ………… according to his status within the company.
a. bonuses
b. perks
c. allowances
d. benefits
11.A lot of people were made ……….. when the steel works closed down.
a. fired
b. sacked
c. dismissed
d. redundant
12.A lot of school leavers have to go straight on the …………… because there
just aren’t any jobs for them.
a. queue
b. dole
c. unemployment
d. wait
13. That … hanging over the mantelpiece dates back to the 17th century.
a. portrait
b. frame
c. portrayal
d. venue
14. As you can see, many tapestries of the age use a war…
a. theme
b. plot
c. narrative
d. setting
15. The painting…………. a famous battle scene.
a. illustrates
b. depicts
c. pictures
d. paints
Task 2 Complete each sentence with a word formed from the words in
capitals. Write your answers in the Answer Sheet.
# Bicycle locks are not always ________against thieves.
16. __________ is a serious problem at this particular
inner-city school
17. Tim shows considerable promise as an actor, despite
a ___________to say his lines too quickly.
18. Whatever he’s doing, Gary just hates to lose: he has an
intensely__________attitude to everything.
19. Despite his huge success as a musician, Jeremy was
never able to earn his parents’___________
20. Fortunately, my friends were very_________when I
made the decision to leave my job.
21. Previous plans to introduce a new system of education FAIL
in the country have all ended in___________ .
22. Nicholas has never shown the degree of ___________ COMMIT
needed to become a professional teacher.
23. It is completely beyond my __________ why anyone
would want to pull down that lovely old statue.
24. Although some people liked the exhibition there were DETRACT
far more ___________than enthusiasts among the
25. Just note the ___________ of the pyramidal design
and the low-keyed colour scheme.