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Is Student Life All Good Tasks

3. Find the words that match the following definitions:
a) a meal that you buy from a shop or restaurant and eat somewhere else takeaway
b) to feel unhappy or depressed at being away from home and family homesick
c) the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and
behavioral adjustment balancing act
d) to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly
e) financial planning budgeting
f) to become friendly (with) to make friends
g) the job or process of listening to someone and giving that person advice about their problems
counselling service
4. Fill the gaps with the appropriate word from the list on the right (there are two extra words – they are
used in no sentences!)
1. Police work is physically demanding and stress-free.
2. She remembers her time at school as happy and relatively good.
3. I felt homesick for a while, but then, after about four or five days, I started to love
this place.
4. Worried relatives waited at the airport for the news of the plane crash.
5. I'm not really anxious about how much it will cost.
6. I used to think I was good painting.
5. Listen and catch the English equivalents for the following Russian words and phrases:
1. (00:50-01:20) быть знакомым с be familiar with
2. (01:20-01:35) (социологический) опрос quiz question
3. (01:35-02:00) узнавать, обнаруживать find out
4. (02:20-02:50) успехи в учебе academic success
5. (03:30-04:00) самостоятельно, в одиночку alone
6. (03:30-04:00) стирать to do the washing
7. (03:30-04:00) убирать(ся) (в комнате) to do the cleaning
8. (03:30-04:00) совет advice
9. (05:00-05:20) по меньшей мере at least
6. Fill in the prepositions:
1. Don't forget the camera before you leave the trip.
2. Though she's a psychologist, she's really bad in reading people.
3. To get into the comfort zone is to grow, learn and advance for a better future.
4. Remember to look at your mistakes from time to time, but never regret them.
5. We look for the neighbours' cat while they're away.
6. At what time will the train arrive at the station?
7. Millions of people suffer from illnesses that can be prevented or improved through regular physical
8. I think you see Caroline in rose-tinted glasses sometimes. She's not as good as she seems to be.
9. We should take care of our friends and family.
7. Translate into Russian:
1. (00:45) I did feel out of my comfort zone when I arrived. Я чувствовал себя вне зоны комфорта,
когда приехал.
2. (01:22) But let's move on, shall we? Но давайте двигаться дальше, не так ли?
3. (02:03) In the UK, there has been a rise in students using counselling services. В Великобритании
наблюдается рост числа студентов, пользующихся консультационными услугами.
4. (02:34) I was trying to balance social success with academic success whilst learning how to look after
myself at quite a young age. Я пытался уравнять социальный успех с успехами в учебе, в то время
как учился заботиться о себе в довольно молодом возрасте.
5. (03:20) Let's listen to Dr Ruth Caleb of the counselling service at Brunel University in London talking
about what practical stuff students could learn before leaving for university that might make life easier
for them. Давайте послушаем доктора Рут Калеб из консультационной службы в Университете
Брунеля в Лондоне, рассказывающего о том, что практические вещи студенты могли бы выучить
перед тем, как уйти в университет, что может облегчить им жизнь.
6. (05:59) You know where to find us, don't you? Вы знаете, где нас найти, не так ли?