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Topic: " New Year " celebration in Kazakhstan and Great
Made: Sailaubayeva Danagul
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Verified: Rymbayeva R. D.
1. New year in Kazakhstan
a) New year 1 January
b) Traditions and customs
c) The history of the holiday
d) Christmas decoration
e) Festive table
f) Gifts
2. New year in the UK (England)
a) Traditions and customs
b) The history of the holiday
c) Christmas decoration
d) Festive table
e) Gifts
3. Conclusion
4. Literature
New year is a holiday that is
celebrated by many people according to
the adopted calendar, and it comes on
the night of December 31 to January 1.
New year in Kazakhstan
New year is celebrated twice in
Kazakhstan. According to European tradition,
its advance is celebrated on the night of
December 31 to January 1. In accordance with
Eastern traditions, it is celebrated on March
21-23 and is called Nauryz.
New year 1 January
A favorite place to celebrate the New year and the center of folk
festivals is the capital of Kazakhstan. On December 1, the main tree
of the country is lit in Astana. An integral part of the event is the
solemn speech of the President, performances of children's, popular
music and dance groups. Thousands of Christmas balls, hundreds of
meters of electric garlands and tinsel are used to decorate the main
attribute of the New year. Christmas tree lighting is able to create
changing effects.
In the squares of the capital, organized an exhibition of ice figures
and a skating rink under the open sky. During the holidays, citizens
and visiting tourists will be able to visit entertainment programs,
children's matinees, master classes in skating, new year's fairs.
The history of the holiday
The onset of the New year on January 1,
residents of Kazakhstan began to celebrate in the
second half of the XIX century, when Slavic
immigrants appeared in the country. During the
Soviet period, the main attributes and traditions of
this holiday took root in the Republic.
Christmas decoration
Shopping malls, main streets and avenues flash
with festive illumination. Main Christmas
decoration in Kazakhstan – fir. It is pre-installed in
homes, in the squares of cities and villages.
Children are made of colored paper garlands and
beads for coniferous beauty. On the window panes
attached snowflakes made with their own hands.
At the new year's table, adults give each other preprepared symbolic gifts and Souvenirs. On the eve of the
holiday children write letters with wishes to their favorite
characters: Santa Claus (Ayaz ATA) and snow maiden
(Akshakar). On new year's eve, before going to bed, boys
and girls leave the window ajar to Santa Claus was able to
enter the room. In the morning they find their gifts under
the tree, which are put there in advance by their parents.
New year in the UK (England)
New year's eve in the UK is celebrated on the
night of 31 December to 1 January. In England,
Wales and Northern Ireland it is inferior in popularity
to Christmas. In Scotland, more love and honor the
New year. In this part of the Kingdom it is called
Hogmanay. Its celebration takes 3 days (from
December 30 to January 1).
On new year's eve, the British organize family dinners, go to
visit, to parties, to pubs, restaurants and have fun on the streets.
The main Christmas tree of the United Kingdom is installed in
London on Trafalgar square. Since 1841, by decree of Queen
Victoria of England, this tradition has been unchanged. The
peculiarity of the British coniferous beauty is that since 1947 it is
delivered from Oslo. With this gesture, the people of Norway
Express their gratitude for the help during the Second world war and
the salvation of the Norwegian Royal family.
The main Christmas and new year events take place on Trafalgar
square. The solemn ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree is
accompanied by a performance of musical and choral groups that
perform traditional English songs. Festive concerts and processions
continue throughout the new year holidays.
Traditions and customs
On New year's eve, the British make a list of goals for
the future: to quit bad habits, do your favorite sport, save
money for an important purchase.
In Scotland, housewife 31 Dec clean the house, throw
trash and old junk. They believe that meeting The new year
in a dirty house will bring bad luck next year.
When the clock begins to beat midnight, the inhabitants
of the houses open the back door to release the outgoing
year, and under the last blow – the front to let in a new one.
Ancient British tradition of new year's eve-meeting the first guest.
The first person who will cross the threshold of the house in the
coming year, is able to bring good luck and well-being or, conversely,
misfortune. The most welcome guest is a handsome young man with
dark hair. Women and persons with light or red hair in the house are
not welcome – they symbolize misfortune. The roots of this signs of
growing since ancient times, when tribes of Vikings raided the
Maritime cities and villages. Dark-haired were fellow countrymen,
and blondes and red – alien enemies. The first guest must bring a
symbolic gift. Coins and salt signify wealth, a piece of bread or cake
– satiety and abundance, coal – warmth and comfort.
Among the inhabitants of the UK is not accepted
to give expensive gifts for the New year. Relatives
and close friends present each other nice things: key
chains, teaspoons, Souvenirs, postcards and
Christmas balls. At parties comic drawings and
lotteries with such gifts are arranged.
Christmas decoration
Residents of the UK begin to decorate the streets and
homes in late November. In the main squares of the cities
and the houses there are decorated new year trees. In the
Windows of the shops break out the bright lights and
fabulous songs on the Christmas theme. In addition to
spruce, the British decorate their homes with sprigs of
sacred plants: mistletoe, Holly, ivy, which should protect
them from evil spirits and magicians. They hang them over
the door, on chandeliers and lamps.
Due to the fact that different peoples of the
world religion, customs, traditions are different,
and the New year is met everywhere differently.
However, all the preparations for the holiday, the
holiday itself and the memories of it in all people
cause vivid feelings and emotions of joy,
pleasure, expectation, happiness, love, care for
each other, for their loved ones; and in this all
people are very similar.
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