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Indefinite pronouns
Nowhere to go (Melissa Etheridge) &Everybody needs somebody to love (The Blues Brothers)
1. Pre‐listening activity
What words do you know that rhyme with: ‘shack’, ‘see’, ‘scream’, ‘slow’, ‘squeeze ‘?
2. Listen to the songs once. Don’t look at the lyrics. Can you hear the words from exercise 1 and some of the
words that rhyme with them?
3. Look at the title Everybody needs somebody to love. Then, answer these questions:
a. Do you have boyfriend or a girlfriend? A husband? A wife?
b. Do you agree with the title of the song?
c. Are people you love always nice to you? How do you feel when they aren’t?
d. Do you ever miss our friends, family or partner?
4. Listen to the songs again, this time with the lyrics. What do you think the songs mean? Choose the best
A. Love makes you do crazy things.
B. You feel good when you are alone.
C. Missing your loved one is bad.
5. Complete the table with words from the songs:
 Everyone
 Anyone
 Anybody
 Everywhere
6. Complete these song titles using:
Somebody, someone (x 2), nobody, something (x 2), some day, somewhere
A. “ _____________ knows the trouble I’ve seen” (Negro spiritual)
B. “________________ over the rainbow” (The Wizard of Oz)
C. “You do ___________ to me.” (Cole Porter)
D. “ _______________ to watch over me. “ (Gershwin)
E. “I finally found ________________ . “ (Barbara Streisand)
F. “ ________________ happened on the way to heaven.” (Phil Collins)
G. “ ___________ ‘s crying.” (Chris Isaac)
H. “ __________________ my prince will come.” (Morey and Churchill)
7. Read this text and complete it with ‘nothing’, ‘somebody’, ‘no one’, ‘nowhere’
“I must admit that for me the weekends are more tiring than the week. During the week I have
_____________ to help me, but at the weekend we’re on our own. My husband’s always exhausted from his
job and wants to relax, but _____________ can relax with two small kids around. Our flat isn’t very big so
there’s _______________ you can go to have some peace and quiet. Before we had children I used to work
too and weekends were perfect. We had _____________ to do except enjoy ourselves. Now I’m really happy
when it’s Monday morning.”