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Please do not discard this holy document. Please deposit in Geniza at your local synagogue.
Psalm 66
- eq wxt
:u¤x`«¨ d̈ÎlM̈ mi ¦ l`¥l Eri¬¦xd̈» xFn® f§n¦ xi´¦W g¥
© Sp©n«
1. To the Chief Musician, a song, a Psalm; shout to God all the earth.
« Nd¦ Y§ cFak̈
À Eni¬¦U Fn® WÎcF
§ a« k§ E¬xO©
2. Sing to the glory of His Name, make glorious His praise.
:Li«a¤ § ` L¬ §lÎEW£gk«© i«§ LÀ G§rª a¬xA§ Li®¤U£rn«© `´ẍFPÎdn© mi ¦ l`¥l Ex́n§ `¦ b
3. Say to God, “How awe-inspiring are Your works, through the greatness of Your
might they have deceived You those who are Your enemies.
:d¨lq«¤ Ĺn§ W¦ ExO©
§ fi§ K®l̈ÎExO©
§ fi«e¦ L§l Eé£gY«© W¦
§ i | u¤x³¨`d̈ÎlM̈ c
4. All the earth will prostrate themselves [in worship] to You, and they will sing
praises to You; they will sing praises to Your Name, Selah.”
:mc̈« `¨ i¬p¥AÎl©
§ r d¨lÀ i¦lr£ `¬ẍF»p mi ®¦l¡
` zF´l£rt«§ n¦ E` § E Eḱ§l d
5. Go and see the works of God; awe inspiring in [His] acts towards the sons of
« g̈n§ U¦
§ p mWÀ l¤b®ẍa§ Ex́a©
§ r«©i xd̈P̈©A dWÄ©
À̈ i«§l | m¸ï K©td³¨ e
6. He turned the sea into dry land, through the river they passed on foot; there
we rejoiced in Him.
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Please do not discard this holy document. Please deposit in Geniza at your local synagogue.
Fń¨l [EnExï] EnIxïÎl`© | mixæ xFQ
§ d© dp̈i®¤Rv§ Y¦ m´¦iFB©A eip̈ir¥ m¨lÀ Fr | Fz̧ẍEa§bA¦ l³¥W»n f
7. He rules the world by His might, His eyes keep watch upon nations; the
rebellious---let them not exalt themselves, Selah.
« Nd¦ Y§ lFẃ ErinÀ¦ W§ d© e§ Epi ®¥l¡
` | mi¬¦O©r EkxÄ
§ g
8. Bless, peoples, our God, and let the voice of His praise be heard.
:Ep«¥lb§ x© hFÓ©l ozp̈Î`«
© le§ mi®I¦ g«
© A© EpW¥ t©
§ p m´V̈d© h
9. He set our soul in life and does not allow our feet to slip.
¤ M̈Îsẍv§ M¦ EpYÀ̈ t©
§ xv§ mi ®¦l¡
` Ep¬Ÿ§pg© aÎi«
§ M¦ i
10. For You tried us, God; You refined us as if refining silver.
:Epi«p¥z§ n̈a§ dwr̈En
´¨ Ÿ § U© d®c̈EvO©
§ a Ep¬z̈`¥ad£ `i
11. You brought us into closed quarters, You put a constraint upon our loins.
:d«ïëx«§ l̈ Ep ¥̀À ivFY©
¦ e m¦i®©
O©aE W¬¥̀ äÎEp`«Ä Ep¬¥W`Åx§l WFÀp`
¡ Ÿa¬©
§ Mx§ d¦ ai
12. You made mortal man ride over our heads; we went through fire and water,
and You brought us out to abundance.
:i«ẍc̈§p ŧl m¥NW£̀
© zF®lFra§ Ĺzi¥
§ a `Fá`¨ bi
13. I will enter Your House with burnt offerings, I will pay You my vows.
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Please do not discard this holy document. Please deposit in Geniza at your local synagogue.
:i«¦lÎx©SA© iRÎx¤
À Ac¦ e§ i®z̈ẗU§ E¬vR̈ÎxW£̀
¤ ci
14. That which my lips have uttered and my mouth has spoken in my distress.
:d¨lq«¤ mi´¦cEY©rÎmr¦ xwä
¨ d³¤U¡
r »«¤̀ mi®¦li ¥̀ z¤ h́wÎm
§ r¦ K¨NÎd¤lr£`«© mi´¦gn¥ zF³lr» eh
15. Burnt offerings of fat animals I will offer up to You, with the burning of rams; I
will offer bullocks with goats, Selah.
:iW«¦ t©
§ pl§ d´Ür̈ xW£̀
¤ mi ®¦l¡
` i´¥̀ x¦
§ iÎlM̈ dẍR§ q£̀
© e« Eŕn§ W¦ E³k§l fh
16. Go and hearken, and I will declare to all who fear God, what He has done
for my soul.
:i«p¦ FW§l zg´©
© Y mnFx
©À e§ iz`
¦ ®ẍẅÎiR«¦ ei¬¨l ¥̀ fi
17. Unto Him with my mouth I called, and exaltation was beneath my tongue.
:i-«p̈c£̀ | r´©
§ i `l i®¦A¦la§ izi´¦
¦ `ẍÎm`¦ o¤e`¨ gi
18. Even had I perceived iniquity in my heart, my Master would not have
«¦ Nt¦ Y§ lFẃA§ aiWÀ¦ w§ d¦ mi ®¦l¡
` r´©
nẄ o«k¥ `¨ hi
19. But God has heard, He has hearkened to the voice of my prayer.
:iY«¦ `¦ n¥ FÀCq§ g© e§ i¬¦z¨Nt¦ Y§ xiq»¦ dÎ`«
¥ l x¬¤W£̀ mi ®¦l¡
` KE¬xÄ k
20. Blessed is God, who has not turned away my prayer nor His kindness from me.
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